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    • Ukraine issues long steel import and export data for January
    • Andy Mar 29

      It is reported that in January this year, Ukraine long steel product exports went up by 8.5% compared to December but decreased by 2.6%YoY totaling 527,940 tonnes valued at USD 352.2 million.

      Ukraine main long steel export destinations in January were Iraq 141,480 tonnes, Russia 122,260 tonnes, Lebanon 23,700 tonnes, Belarus 18,700 tonnes, Romania 17,780 tonnes and Jordan 17,670 tonnes.

      In January of the current year, Ukraine long steel product imports amounted to 24,490 tonnes down by 25% from December and up by 16.3%YoY. About 68.6% of this volume, ie 16,790 tonnes came from Russia, 2,490 tonnes came from Romania, 1,550 tonnes from Bulgaria, 1,420 tonnes from Belarus, 540 tonnes from Poland and 450 tonnes were imported from China.

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