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    • BILL OF LADING NO. OOLU2005848540
      Date Of Arrival 2008-03-30
      HS Code 850710,
      Address:7550 PANASONIC WAY
      Address:INDUSTRY PARK
      Notify Name:PANALPINA INC
      Address:1425 CORPORATE CENTER DR. #H
      Vessel OOCL SHANGHAI
      Voyage 064E
      Weight(kg) 31626.13
      Measure 556
      Pieces 1992
      TEU 2
      Customs West Coast
      Carrier In Short OOLU
      Port Of Departure 57035 SHANGHAI
      Port of Destination 3001 SEATTLE
      Country Of Destination SEATTLE
      Estimated Price 67948.53
      Country Of Origin PEOPLES REP OF CHINA
      Transport Mode 11
      Product Short Description SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY
      Product Detailed Description SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY
      Marks N/M


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